Shallow geothermal energy– a game changer towards decarbonized, low emission heating and cooling supply in Europe!

Shallow geothermal energy represents a well-developed, non-volatile and clean technology for providing efficient heating and cooling across Europe. It is often associated with the use of ground source heat pumps, but offers a wide range of applications such as geo-cooling or seasonal heat storage. Still, it is widely considered as a niche technology, however it has the potential to become a powerful game changer towards a decarbonized heating and cooling technology. The next decade from 2021 until 2030 is crucial to fulfil the SDGs defined in the “Clean Energy for all Europeans” initiative of the European Commission.

The Shallow Geothermal Energy Days aim at connecting policy makers to scientists, to promote and discuss opportunities for boosting this technology in the upcoming decade. We invite you to join this event, raise your voice and learn more about shallow geothermal energy in Europe!

We are looking for Innovative solutions and good practices of an efficient and sustainable use of shallow geothermal across Europe. There are limited slots available for:

  • ORAL presentations (see Day 1 – Tuesday, June 14, 2022Afternoon sessions 1 and 2) short (15 minutes)  
  • POSTER presentations (12:30 Day 1 – Tuesday, June 14 and 12:00 Day 2 – Wednesday, June 15, poster session/roll-ups during networking fresh Lunch).

Please contact  for ORAL and POSTER sessions applying to the innovative and good practice session before May 20th 2022.

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