The Shallow Geothermal Days this year become “The Geothermal Heat Pump Days 2023” and will be taking place in Berlin, 16 – 17 November 2023!

We are glad to announce the upcoming Geothermal Heat Pump Days, a 2-days event dedicated to exploring the transformative potential of geothermal heat pumps in the journey towards decarbonized heating and cooling. Formerly known (since 2019) as the Shallow Geothermal Days, this annual conference has evolved to emphasize the pivotal role of geothermal large and small scale heat pumps in achieving a sustainable and net-zero future. Join us in Berlin this November 2023 to be part of this groundbreaking event!

One of the most promising solutions to high energy costs isn’t up in the sky but buried deep under your lawn! Super efficient geothermal heat pumps provide clean, quiet heating and cooling while cutting utility bills by up to 70%. Geothermal heat pumps have indeed emerged as an efficient, clean, and widely applicable technology for heating and cooling across Europe. While traditionally associated with ground source heat pumps, this versatile technology extends its reach to diverse applications such as free-cooling and seasonal heat underground storage.

Recognizing the crucial decade until 2030 for climate and energy challenges, and looking at the upcoming EU Heat Pump Action Plan, the Geothermal Heat Pump Days 2023 aim to unite policy makers, scientists, and industry experts. Our goal is to promote and foster a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges surrounding geothermal heat pumps in the years ahead.

During this insightful event, we will explore the advancements, innovations, and best practices that shape the future of geothermal heat pumps. We will delve into the integration of renewable electricity sources, the optimization of energy systems, and the utilization of thermal underground storage and learn about new heat pump technologies that could play a substantial role in the energy refurbishment of Civil and Historical buildings across Europe. By sharing knowledge, expertise, and experiences, we aim to accelerate the adoption and deployment of geothermal heat pumps throughout Europe.

Check now the programme!